All designs & patterns are examples only, sculptures may vary. All prices subject to change without notice.

If you would like to purchase any of our artwork or need further information please contact us.

Echidna toothpick holder (smooth) $35. 

Skink mosquito coil holder $50.

Gecko plain (optional letter opener) $65.

Echidna toothpick holder (textured) $30.

Skink plain $50.

Gecko mosquito coil holder $70.

Pelican $70. (small teaspoon size available $60.)

Platypus $65.

Australian hanging tree frog $90.

Australian hanging tree frog mosquito coil holder $95.

Australian sitting tree frog $90.

Australian sitting tree frog candle holder $95.

Australian sitting tree frog mosquito coil holder $95.

Emu $70.

Pimply Lizard plain $170.

Kangaroo $170. 

Pimply Lizard mosquito coil holder $170.

Kookaburra smooth wings $320.

Kookaburra feathered wings $340.

Frilled neck Lizards $250. (optional serviette holders).