Echidna toothpick holder $35. 

Gecko optional letter opener $55.

Skink optional letter opener or Mozzquito coil holder $50.

Gecko  Mozzie coil holder $60.

Pelicans small $55. or large $65.

Platypus $65.

Australian Tree Frog hanging $90.

Platypus toothpick holder $70.

Australian Tree Frog sitting $90.

Australian Tree Frog  tea light candle holder $95.

Australian Tree Frog Mozzie coil holder $95. 

Emu $65.

Kangaroo $180. 

Kookaburra $320. (closed wings)

Frilled Neck Lizards $250. Optional serviette holder

All prices & designssubject to change without notice.

If you would like to purchase any of these or our other Sculptures please contact us.