All designs & patterns are examples only, sculptures may vary. All prices subject to change without notice.

If you would like to purchase any of our artwork or need further information please contact us.

Spider $60. 

Spider mosquito coil holder $50. (painted black)

Dragonfly small plain $55. 

Dragonfly mosquito coil holder Large $70.

Grasshopper $70. Mosquito coil holder $75.

Mosquito coil holder $75.

Scorpion small plain (teaspoon size) $65.

Scorpion tealight candle holder $75.

Extra large decorative $90.

Scorpion large plain $75.

Extra large decorative $90.

Scorpion hanging mosquito coil holder $75.

Ant  $75.

Preyingmantis mosquito coil holder $105..

Preying Mantis $95.