Lewis was in his workshop during the early 1990's trying to create a wind chime from old silver cutlery, he cut the tines off 2 forks, they landed on top of a teaspoon and to him it looked like a spider. He began cutting up spoons and forks of all shapes and sizes to see what other images could be found. One by one they began to evolve and collecting cutlery became a priority. As Lewis's imagination grew he developed a broad range of skills and techniques. 

The admiration that was obvious from others convinced him that he was creating something special. He began selling his sculptures at local markets and then bigger and better exhibitions; including the Darling Harbour Olypic Exhibition in 2000 where he received 'A gift of the Year Award'.

In 2002 I (Suzanne) joined Lewis and we have been creating together ever since. We make a great husband and wife team, each of us having our roles to play in creating and designing the unique gifts and home decor that brings a special piece of history to your home. The highlight of our career to date was in 2007, building 70 kangaroos and 18 platypus as gifts for the world leaders during the APEC conference in Sydney.

Cutlery Creations has been featured on Totally Wild and Sunday Sunrise, both informative TV programs in Australia. As well as published articles in The Focus and Heartland magazines.

We hope you receive the same joy from owning our creations as we do in creating them!

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